Choir Performances in Denver Colorado

The Columbine Chorale was founded in 1987 by well-known Denver-area choral conductor Richard Eichenberger as a chamber choir of 35 selected voices. The Chorale was created to provide its singers and audiences with choral music experiences of the highest quality. It is the fundamental goal of the Chorale to present performances of great choral literature in a manner that reflects the Chorale’s deep sense of commitment to the aesthetic beauty and integrity of the music itself.

Latest from the Chorale

Dear Columbine Chorale patrons,

The chorale has decided to cancel our March concert dates and postpone the premiere of a mass by David Heck until June.  Rehearsing safely has become a challenge and we will not be ready to sing this music confidently with joy in March.  Please watch for further announcements.

Stay safe until we can unite through our love of music once again.

Our Supporters

Thank you to our supporters who make everything possible!

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